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A National LETS conference.

by Claire 6/5/2007 10:05:00 AM

Wow how exciting.
Today our LETS president dragged me along to a meeting organised by the founder of many of the LETS systems in this state. I had no idea what the meeting was going to be about, and lately I've been rather disillusioned with LETS, so wasn't expecting much.
It turns out that this man has just attended a LETS conference in Germany and has brought home some exciting ideas for us to build on over here.
LETS is a great idea but I have felt for a while that it needs to mature before it can really make a difference in communities on a sustainable basis. Well apparently it is maturing, with ideas like C1-C4 currencies and "re-localization", we here at Swan Hills LETS just haven't woken up to it yet.
A National LETS Conference is to be organised, to discuss ideas on how to make LETS sustainable into the future.


Edit:  Unfortunately this didn't eventuate.  What a shame. 

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