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So what exactly is "Clean Coal" anyway?

by Claire 11/2/2007 7:00:00 AM

The libs are really pushing this "Clean Coal" thing at the moment in the runup to the election.  It all sounds very nice, like they're acknowledging that global warming is a problem, and that they're doing something about it while at the same time protecting the workers in the coal industry. 

But what exactly is Clean Coal anyway?

I'm not one for watching commercial TV so I might have missed out on the detailed explanation that I'm sure we've all been given so that we can make a truly informed choice when we go to vote.

So I looked it up, and apparently it's about capturing the nasty CO2 emissions as the coal is burnt to boil water to run the machines that make this country go, and then storing the stuff in the ground somewhere, or maybe underwater. 

But the trouble is that there's so much of it!  My understanding is that for every tonne of coal burnt, 3 tonnes of CO2 are produced, and an ever increasing quantity of coal is dug up and burnt every day.  So the quantity of CO2 to bury must be extraordinary.

Here's Doctor Karl Kruszelnicki take on it.

It's not the magic bullet the major parties are trying to sell us.  We can't go on squandering electricity in the happy knowledge that it'll all be ok now cos clean coal's come to the rescue. 

The reasons why we should embrace non-polluting power generation are very compelling, and it's all very, very possible.

Vote 1 the Climate Change Coalition on November 24th! 

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