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Vote below the line and bypass dirty preference deals

by Claire 11/9/2007 4:39:00 AM

The Senate Group Voting tickets (preference flows) for the various candidates in this coming Federal Election has been released and some of the preference orderings are creating quite a stir amongst those who know and care about these things.

I wasn't one of those people until recently.  I used to be one of the 95% of voters who vote "above the line", trusting the flow of preferences to the party who I voted for.  But I've since found out that blind trust isn't such a good thing in this case, because the preference deals that the party you vote for has made may conflict badly with your own ideals, and even the policies of the party you're voting for.  Especially if it's a fledgling party faced with the choice of using the system to get a boost, or wasting time & effort on a campaign that has almost no hope of succeeding.  It's a corrupt system, one that obviously needs to be changed.  

So my advice to anyone who'll listen is:  Wake up!  Stop trusting the system, vote below the line, numbering every box in your order of preference, and then go home and watch the election on TV knowing that your vote really counted for something.



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