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Swan Hills LETS directory, check out what you're missing

by Claire 11/10/2007 11:10:00 AM

I've just made an update to Swan Hills LETS site that lists the very exclusive & secret Wink member directory on a publicly accessible page!  Hidden are names & contact details though.  Go check it out now to get the lowdown on what you're missing out on for gumnuts.

Hey what's this LETS / gumnuts thing I hear you ask?  LETS stands for "Local Exchange Trading System" - it's a local currency trading system, not a barter system, but a proper currency that a community creates and then trades with, as a complement to the Federal monetary system.  It strengthens communities & acts as a bit of a buffer against economic downturns.  Also a great way to re-localise yourself and make new friends.  The system I'm involved with is the Swan Hills LETS system in the Western Australian hills east of Perth.  There's about 60 member families in our system & growing.

Do a google for LETS or "Local currencies" for more information.  Wikipedia would be a good start.


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