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Another plug for a political party who cares.

by Claire 11/13/2007 8:57:00 AM

Gary Warden & Sarah Bishop on Wake up WA last Friday.

We all care about our planet earth.  The survival of our species depends on us staying on this planet long enough to develop the technology to go out to other worlds.  This isn't going to happen any time soon, and it wont happen at all if we cook our planet before we've got the means to escape from it!  Think about it - we're not that special in the great universal scheme of things.

The UN Secretary General has declared climate change a global "emergency"

You care.  We all do if we put aside our selfish ways for a moment.  But, because of government's unhealthy relationship with polluting industries, the major parties simply cannot be trusted to do anything useful about reducing greenhouse emissions.  They will not do what is necessary until the crisis has become too overwhelming to ignore.  This is why we need the influence of people like Gary Warden in our senate.

On November 24th: 

Vote for the Climate Change Coaliton.

Vote below the line to specify your own preferences. 

The major parties cannot be trusted to do anything substantial on this issue - we are fools to think otherwise.

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