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Walk against Warming

by Claire 11/13/2007 8:00:00 AM

100,000 people took to the streets Australia-wide yesterday in the Walk against Warming, demanding immediate action from our politicians on carbon reduction.  Here's the ABC news report about it.  Not surprisingly Western Australia doesn't get a mention, but we were there in Fremantle, and so were thousands of others (about 5000). It was hot, really hot.

The Liberal party didn't bother to show up to say their piece, but then that's not surprising either given their complete denial of the issue - you weren't really fooled by the "Climate Clever" ads were you?  What did disappoint me was the ABC radio news reports this morning giving plenty of air time to Steve Thomas, the State shadow minister for Transport & the Environment, criticising Transperth for putting on free transport for the day and accusing the Labor state govt of politicising the Climate Change issue.

How depressing. Our politicians really have got a very long way to go before climate change is seen as a bipartisan issue, and there's no time left for inaction. 



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