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Ramp up the pressure in Bali

by Claire 12/11/2007 12:36:00 AM

Please consider supporting these 2 Getup campaigns.

The first is a petition that Al Gore will present to the UN Climate Change Conference in Bali in a few days calling for "a visionary treaty to be completed, ratified and brought into effect everywhere in the world by 2010".

The second is Getup's "Climate Action Now" campaign.  This new government is showing signs of resisting short term action on climate change, as they have overruled the official Australian delegation's endorsement of a 25 to 40 per cent cut in 1990 greenhouse gases levels by 2020.  Instead they will wait until the release of the Climate Change Review Committee's Garnaut report in 6 months time.  Resistance is to be expected from the government of course, which is why we need to keep the pressure on.

Despite any misgivings you may have about Al Gore & Getup, they are out there in the public domain, and we are not, so I believe we must support them.


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