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Foster homes needed for Adult cats

by Claire 11/16/2009 9:36:00 PM

Got this email today:

"This is a quick call out to ANYONE out there who can offer to take a cat into their home for a short period, usually no more than a few weeks (though can be longer in some circumstances) - here at Cat Haven we are absolutely full to bursting point with over 75 adult cats and 20 kittens currently in our care. We have so far had 15 adult cats handed in to us today and quite simply don't have anywhere to put them, so are looking for foster carers for them until more room becomes available in the kennels. Cat Haven supplies all food, litter etc for foster carers so all you need to provide is a loving home for the cat! If you think you or anyone you know is in a position to help us out, please contact the Cat Haven ASAP."

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